Focus on your key objectives, and always remember it’s the customer who has the final word. That’s where we come in…
Test Kitchens was founded by Danusia Szumowski, Chief Research Officer. Danusia is a skilled researcher with over 20 years experience. She has expertise in the disciplines of market research, ethnography and usability testing and has worked with a wide range of industries, including many Fortune 500 companies.

In 1996 Danusia founded DSz Associates, which became Test Kitchens in 1999. Before that, Danusia built several market research departments in the corporate world and spent six years working with multinational companies to develop and introduce innovative technologies in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

While overseas, Danusia realized that making people feel comfortable during research is key to getting insights that go beneath the surface. Ask her about focus groups under the baobab tree in Kenya or the one-on-one interviews in teashops in some of Bangkok's more interesting districts.

Lily joined Test Kitchens in 2006, and we haven’t been the same since. Lily is in charge of recruiting and building the participant database. She’s also the behind the scenes project manager on many of Test Kitchens' projects. Lily has an amazing array of skills that make her an invaluable member of the Test Kitchens team. She’s brought boundless energy, buckets of common sense, and a truly good attitude to the table.

Test Kitchens welcomes Cecelia Horwitz. She's a qualitative researcher with over 20 years experience managing projects ranging from new innovation concept tests to customer satisfaction research. Having conducted “Voice of the Customer” research in the United States and China, she is particularly adept at identifying the unarticulated needs of customer groups. Cecelia is passionate about engaging potential users in new product development from ideation, through product development and usability testing, to gathering consumer satisfaction once the product is on the market. Ask her about how she designed innovative methodologies engaging patients as equal partners with medical providers, engineers, and computer scientists, leading to breakthrough science and product concepts.

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